A Comprehensive Colorado Law Firm

The legal process does not have to be intimidating. When you work with Joe Martinez, you'll discover a lawyer who you'll come to consider a friend. People feel better after they talk to Joe, and the reason why is no mystery. He takes a rational, realistic approach to the law and is always available to his clients.

Joe has been practicing law here for more than 20 years, and he also served for several years as a district court magistrate. This means he knows the law as well as the people relevant to you and your case. He knows that you value efficiency, and he won't waste your time — he works hard to get the job done, and his clients appreciate him for it.

The Martinez Law Firm also advises individuals and families in elder law matters. As people advance in years, there are many issues that can come up that require legal attention. Wills, trusts and other instruments of estate planning are often essential for families. Establishing documents, such as a health care proxy or a living will, can provide peace of mind for families in case the unexpected happens. And probate and estate administration matters can be dealt with by an experienced professional.

Joe Martinez is a veteran mediator who has resolved a wide variety of cases for people outside of a traditional courtroom setting. Because litigation can be inefficient and leave many aspects of your case out of your hands, mediation is often a viable, cost-effective alternative that can make the process both less stressful and more responsive to your needs.