Warning signs of parental alienation during divorce

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As you begin your divorce, you may have a lot of concerns about child custody. One of your worries may be about the other parent turning your children against you. If your spouse disparages you and attempts to break your bond with your children, you may be dealing with a case of parental alienation syndrome.

Children deserve to have ongoing and close relationships with both parents, as long as there is no neglect or abuse. If you think your spouse may be trying to alienate you from your children, you may be able to use it to get more custody. Here are a few warning signs that parental alienation is taking place during your custody dispute.

Requests of exclusion from your children

You can expect to experience some pushback and defiance from your children during a divorce. If it is severe and continuous, especially in younger children, it may be a cause for concern. If your child is explicitly asking you to not attend extracurricular activities or school meetings, the other parent may be manipulating the child to say those types of things. 

Combativeness from your children

Again, it is normal for kids to struggle with a divorce. This may show up as anger or frustration. But if your child constantly argues with you and gets increasingly combative, the other parent may be the main cause of it. 

Narcissistic tendencies in your spouse

Parents who manipulate children in this way often exhibit signs of narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissistic people are self-absorbed; unable to listen to differing perspectives; and focus only on what they think, want, believe and feel. Narcissistic parents do not consider what is best for the child. Instead, they use their own children as pawns in their battle to denigrate the other parent.

If parental alienation is taking place during your divorce, it can have a substantial impact on your child custody case.