3 reasons divorce mediation is a popular tool in Colorado

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When people talk about divorce, they often mean litigation. They refer not to the act of ending the marriage but rather the decision to go to court and have a judge determine issues about property and parental responsibilities.

Although there are state laws that guide how a Colorado judge rules in a divorce, they can potentially set any kind of terms that they feel are appropriate for the children or fair for property division. Many couples, nervous about giving up control over their own family circumstances and financial futures, may opt for divorce mediation.

Why has divorce mediation become such a popular choice for divorcing couples in Colorado?

Mediation lets you focus on what matters the most

Do you feel strongly about what custody arrangements you set or about protecting your small business from claims by your spouse? There is little certainty in a litigated divorce, but you are the one with ultimate control in mediation.

You and your spouse can each set your own priorities and fight for what matters the most to you in the divorce. You’ll have the option of making compromises in areas where you feel comfortable doing so to secure the terms that are the most important to you.

Mediation protects your privacy

Divorce can be an embarrassing process, especially if you have to talk about marital misconduct to secure an appropriate custody or property division ruling. What you say in court not only gets overheard by many people but can also become part of the public record.

Mediation is confidential under state law, which means you have the opportunity to explore specific issues without making them part of your court proceedings.

Mediation might speed up your divorce

There is more demand for family court time than there are judges and courtrooms available. When you litigate your divorce, you may have to wait months for hearings and invest substantially for the court time once you get that hearing.

If you mediate your divorce instead, you won’t need to wait for hearings or present evidence to a judge. You file for an uncontested divorce where a judge reviews and then approves the terms you and your ex set. Speeding up the divorce can actually keep the costs lower as well, making uncontested filings ideal for those hoping to divorce on a budget.

Learning more about how divorce mediation can help you could help you choose the right solutions in your upcoming divorce.