Child Custody And Visitation Assistance

At Martinez Law Firm, LLC, our family law attorney will take the time to listen to your obstacles and needs. We offer an understanding yet sensible approach to custody and visitation assistance. While custody agreements can appear overwhelming, we can give clear guidance. In the end, our goal is to ensure the best outcome for your child.

How Are Child Custody And Visitation Decided?

Child custody may be established for several reasons, including separation, divorce and other changing household conditions. Child custody is often the priority when a couple goes through a separation. It will determine where your child lives and who is allowed to make major decisions about education, medical care and more.

Parental responsibilities are decided in family court. The result will be based on the best interests of your child. Best interests are a combination of factors, including your wishes and your child’s needs. We can advocate on your behalf in family court to find an amicable outcome.

An Experienced Family Law Resource

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your circumstances and determine the best strategy to establish child custody and child visitation rights. Every client is different and we will make sure to consider the special needs of your family.

As an experienced mediator, our founding attorney, Joe Martinez, provides solution-oriented counsel. He will work to find parenting time that fits everyone’s needs, especially your child’s. He can take an objective look at your situation to ensure the best outcome for your family. While we often employ mediation tactics, we are always willing to represent our clients in court during custody disputes.

Schedule An Initial Consultation To Discuss Your Needs

Schedule a personal consultation with our experienced family law lawyer, Joe Martinez. We will analyze your parenting needs and work together to find the best options for your family. Se habla español. Call our office in Lakewood, Colorado, today at 720-889-3355 or arrange an appointment online.