Establishing Guardianships And Conservatorships

Guardianships and conservatorships are legal roles created to provide assistance to minors and incapacitated adults. These roles are meant to assign responsibility over a vulnerable person’s finances or personal affairs. At Martinez Law Firm, LLC, our experienced lawyer can offer assistance with establishing guardianships and conservatorships.

Assist A Loved One With Guardianship

Guardians can be appointed for individuals who are unable to maintain appropriate self-care. Vulnerable people of all ages can benefit from a guardian. Aging adults often need a guardian when illness arises. It is common for adult children to become legal guardians for parents with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Children may also require a guardian to take care of their needs. As a guardian, you care for the child and are responsible for his or her well-being. Guardianship is different from child custody. A guardian does not replace a biological parent. Guardianships also expire when the child turns 18. Some families use guardianships when a parent is unfit or unavailable or even as protection in case of deportation.

Conservatorship Roles Manage Finances

Aging adults or family members may need help with their finances when illness or incapacity occurs. If your partner or a family member has become unable to manage his or her finances, you may consider establishing an elder conservatorship.

In Colorado, a conservator is appointed by the court to manage the estate of a vulnerable person. Conservatorships may also be established for minors who need assistance managing their estates, such as a trust. As a conservator, you monitor and regulate finances, as well as sign checks in the vulnerable person’s name. This role is helpful in preventing elder financial abuse. Depending upon the conservatee’s independence level, it is possible to form more limited types of conservatorship roles.

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